It All Starts With A Painting

If you are the curious type like me, then this quick blog is for you! I have been painting mostly all my life. I took time off to raise kids, worked several unrelated jobs to sustain my love of painting and creating.

It took several years to figure out what I like about art making and creating. Until one day, accidentally, a dear friend of mine presented me with an opportunity I couldn't pass- to use my paintings for a collection of fashion accessories.

The contact my friend suggested, was opening a boutique locally and its owner wanted to promote local artisans. This presented a tall order but nonetheless I love a good challenge and did it. This accidental commission translated into the online store you are visiting today and my great passion: art & function. My goal is to provide access to art by means of function as a surface designer. Click here to see the next step in the design process.

In case you curious about my art studio... you can check it out here. In it you can peruse my paintings and prints. (in the picture: that's me applying the varnish to my large Moroccan Rose painting-2019).




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