Our Story

Nice to meet you! Welcome to Addora - A place where colorful paintings turn into artsy prints. 

But what’s in a name? Addora was inspired by my grandmother's name, my mom's fashion sense, and our mutual love for fashionable prints. Growing up I recall carrying my mom's stylish "costurero" (or sewing box) because it looked like a handbag, and a bright pink one nonetheless! In it she would keep crochet needles, crochet weavings, and patches of patterned fabric that sooner or later will turn into a dress for her, for me or for my favorite doll. Our shared love for pattern and design has stayed with me throughout my life. I grew up and studied graphic design but always longed to create my own designs. Eventually, I chose to follow my dream. This is how Addora was born.

Every art piece you see in the studio was made by my hand, later digitized to create the surface designs you see. My color and design inspiration comes from my cross-cultural family roots, mixing Middle Eastern flair and the tropical nature of Puerto Rico where I grew up. 

My work is available for licensing. I can license my existing patterns and illustrations, or I can create custom artwork for you. Get in touch here if you’re interested in collaborating or licensing my work!

I'm sure you will adore Addora designs!

  Surface Designer